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Offer deeply personalized dietary programs. Full portal to track progress and engage each member. Integrate lab tests and devices.

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  • Increase customer lifetime value

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Our pre-sales, customer success and onboarding team will ensure that you receive exactly what you need.

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Specify branding & MODULES

Define branding options. Change app flows (e.g. onboarding). Select which modules to include. Add integrations.


Define exactly what dietary program/s to offer your members. Specify personalization methods (eg. lab tests). Define member goals and tracking. Detail integrations.

App delivered

Deploy your app. Receive full support.

Your app can help change lives

Include onboarding

Customize to user preferences and goals

Integrate devices & lab tests

Personalize to user's bodies and health

Enhance ease of use & convenience

Empower users by providing relevant meal options, live coaching and content

Improve engagement & accountability

Engage users by celebrating their progress and outcomes

App modules

Our app modules improve user experience. Select only the modules you need.

  • Personalized Meal Planner

    Generate meal plans according to user preferences, restrictions, dietary program/s, and further personalization options.

  • Recipe Explorer

    Personalized recipe suggestions according to user preferences, restrictions, dietary program/s, and further personalization options.

  • Make Shoppable

    Smartly add required recipe and meal plan ingredients to any online shopping basket.

  • Shopping List Generator

    Turn recipes and meal plans into shopping lists.

  • Restaurant Finder

    Recommend restaurant menu items that fit user's personalization. Find restaurants by geolocation, rating, prices, and cuisine.

  • Nutrition Tracker

    Aggregate and display nutrients for all logged meals and snacks according to a date range.

  • Food Logger

    Log all meals and snacks. We’ve developed a number of mechanisms to make entry quick and efficient for users.

  • Gamification

    Motivate and engage users by providing “fun”. We’ve developed strategic tools backed by the latest neuroscience of behavor.

  • Diets & Programs

    Full library of popular diets and programs. Use our tools to customize or develop your own diet/s and program/s.

Customer satisfaction

We strive to turn customers into advocates by going above and beyond.