White Label Telehealth & AI-Powered Engagement Tools That Drive Profits Outcomes Loyalty

  • De-Risk Your Implementation With a Proven Solution
  • Stand Out From the Competition
  • Go to Market in Days
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Get your app and telehealth program to market in days

Deploy your health app within weeks instead of months. Include your telehealth program. Bundle your products.

Your branding

White-label solutions with extensive customization options.

Deliver any program

Support for any wellbeing, lifestyle or medical program.

Offer remote guidance

Offer live coaching or consultations. Include your content and/or products.

Offer advanced personalization by adding labs or wearables

The most powerful personalization and granular controls. Personalize to user's bodies and health status.

Extreme Granularity

From individual ingredients, to dietary groups e.g., FODMAPs.

Clinical Labs

Blood chemistry to OMICs. Results can be fed back into your health program.


Tailor your program according to real-time wearable data e.g., HRV.

Advanced personalized nutrition support

Analysis of dietary restrictions, health conditions, lifestyle, and genetic information to create customized nutrition plans.

Amazing recipes

Millions of classic recipes plus premium. Support for any dietary program.

Dietary restrictions

Support food sensitivities, allergies, intolerances, and preferences.

Eating out

Find restaurants offering dishes that fit a user's dietary program.

Offer remote consultations or coaching

Track and engage with your members using synchronous communications for that most personal experience.

Voice and video chat

Create crystal clear voice or video chats.

Track progress

Dashboard tracking of progress and goal completion.

Meal Plans

Customize meal plans by adding daily recipes.

Appointment Scheduling

Color-coded calendar helps you to find a specific appointment.

Improve engagement and health outcomes

Empower your health coaches, nutritionists, or practitioners to proactively help customers engage in behaviors along their desired path.

AI generates interactive messages
  • Cut through app noise with SMS or other services like WhatsApp.
  • Easily engage in hyper-personalized, conversational, and relevant interactions.
Accountability by adding a human touch
  • It is clear messages are sent by your health team members.
  • 6.5X higher rate of success when users feel accountable to another human.
Improve metrics
  • Increase in-app engagement +50%
  • Improve reorder, upsells & renewals +70%
  • Increase month-one retention +15%

Scale with the power of SuggesticAI

Your health coaches, nutritionists, or practitioners can coach, interact, and keep 10-100x more clients accountable.

Your deep expertise
  • Define your own sequence of daily goals and interactions.
  • Train it with your product, protocol, and support documentation.
Our AI behavioral engagement
  • Proven judgment-free methodology that effectively changes behavior
  • Balances encouragement, nudging, pushing, and accountability
AI with guardrails
  • Screening for liabilities and inaccuracies.
  • Messages are flagged or escalated for human intervention.

Converse with your customers in key moments

Improve engagement, conversion, retention, and health outcomes by automatically conversing with your customers.

Increase 6.5x engagement:
  • Guide users through their journey.
  • Interact with them several times a day.
  • Learn and adapt from each interaction.
  • Help them feel successful and reach their goals.
Increase 3x conversion by engaging users:
  • During the trial or purchase process.
  • When billing fails.
Improve 2x retention and reorders:
  • Interact during onboarding or purchases.
  • Offer a discount code when a user cancels.
  • Get real-time feedback.

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