Precision eating™ platform

Go beyond personalized nutrition with our B2B2C precision eating™ platform.

  • Offer your customers accurate choices highly tailored to their needs – or even their biology
  • Accelerate prototyping and development whilst lowering costs
  • Support for any wellbeing, lifestyle or medical program
  • Personalize programs with labs and devices
  • Offer remote coaching and progress tracking
  • API or White Label option

Coaching portal

Healthcare practitioners and coaches can monitor members’ progress and connect with them for deeper engagement.

Voice and Video Chat

Deliver your coaching sessions flawlessly by creating voice or video chats.

Track Progress

Use the intuitive dashboard to track progress and ensure goals are accomplished.

Meal Plans

Create and customize meal plans by adding daily recipes or using existing meal plans.

Appointment Scheduling

The color-coded calendar helps you to find a specific appointment.

Personalization console

Create personalized diets and nutrition programs by defining rules, ingredients groups, and user segments.


Connect with third party tools such as: labs, wearable devices, CMSs and CRMs.

Dynamic Rules

Create rules based on foods to avoid, increase or decrease, and the user segment.

Program Builder

Build, track and maintain an objective based on the creation of a nutrition plan.


Get graphical statistics of the used programs, recipes and meal plans.

Fit your needs with two options

Reduce development costs. Achieve days to market instead of years. Chose between White Label or development using our API.

Customer satisfaction

We strive to turn customers into advocates by going above and beyond.

Personalized nutrition platform

Our technology empowers thousands of businesses to provide an integrated and seamless digital experience to their customers.

Mobile app

Your customers

Increase customer lifetime value, collect actionable customer data, elevate customer experience.

Personalization Console

Your front-end

Create personalized diets and nutrition programs according to individual needs by defining rules, ingredients groups, and user segments.

graphql API server

Suggesic back-end

Fast loading, flexible, stable, simple, query efficiency. Easier learning curve.

Coaching Portal

Your front-end

A web-based application that provides healthcare practitioners and coaches the ability to monitor members’ progress and connect with them.

food data sources

Suggestic back-end

All the data sources you need under one interface, at no extra cost.

Personalization Engine

Suggestic back-end

Interfaces between our deep neural network and the personalization console, allowing deep personalization down to individual biology.

Content Server

Suggestic back-end

Include your own content, in any mixed-media format, or license third-party content from our extensive catalog of providers.

deep neural network

Suggestic back-end

Our A.I. infrastructure performs “magic”, from continuously improving food suggestions to deriving accurately all ingredients in any restaurant dish.