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Use a single API to search foods and recipes, analyze ingredients,
generate meal plans, and search restaurants and menus.

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Lookup ingredients and nutritional values

Whether you're looking for nutritional information on "apples" or "Heinz tomato ketchup," Suggestic makes it easy using a single API.

Suggestic API - The unified food, recipe, restaurant, and meal planning API | Product Hunt

Choose between
1.7 million recipes

The recipes and data you need to build an amazing food app β€” images, nutritional values, shopping isles, and allergens.

  • Include premium handcrafted recipes
  • Add your own recipes
  • Filter by cuisine, tag or allergens
Log food intake and habits

Track what users eat daily, their water intake and sleeping habits, and report on their progress.

Create shopping lists

Empower users to create shopping lists and make informed decisions when shopping for ingredients.

Develop at hyperspeed

Use our GraphQL API to prototype and develop apps up to 10-times faster.

Generate meal plans
using only API

Whether your customer is lactose intolerant or prefers the ketogenic diet, Suggestic makes it easy to generate individualized meal plans to fit their goals and needs.

  • Program creation console
  • Custom or pre-defined diets
  • Easy meal replacement function

Want to know more?

The Suggestic API is an all-in-one GraphQL API. It combines all functionalities you'd expect from food API, nutrition API, recipe API, and meal plan API. In other words, "the ultimate" toolbox for you to build amazing health and nutrition apps.

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