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July 12, 2022

How Reverse Health Scaled with Suggestic

Eva Medved

Reverse Health used Suggestic’s platform to quickly launch and scale the first 12-week nutrition and health program designed for women aged 40 and over.

📈 Case study: Scaling With Suggestic

🏢 Company: Reverse Health

📌 Location: San Francisco, CA & Barcelona, Spain


Reverse Health is the first weight loss program designed for a woman’s unique needs and unique female physiology.


Reverse Health created the first weight loss program designed for a woman’s physiology. They believed they had formulated the first holistic nutrition and wellness plan that would enable women aged 40 and over to lose weight and improve their health effectively through their 12-week program.

However, the time and effort to build, test, and release an effective app that would meet the needs of personalized nutrition, exercise, supplements, and coaching of customers left the company with a long and expensive road of hiring and development ahead of them.

Despite Reverse Health’s founders’ impressive track record in development, they felt that the cost and effort to build an app from scratch would significantly delay the growth they needed to support the business.


Reverse Health utilized Suggestic’s platform to build, test, and roll out their program to customers within 2 months after becoming a Suggestic customer. Reverse Health knew that to create a winning business in the nutrition and health industry, you need:

  1. Great marketing
  2. A great content journey
  3. A great app

By using Suggestic to handle their application, the company was free to focus intently on creating many high-quality videos for their content journey and plan effective marketing to bring a high-quality product to market extremely fast.

Reverse Health were able to scale their business to the level of $500k in monthly revenue within 6 months after signing their contract with Suggestic.


By immediately scaling from $0 to $500k of monthly revenue, Reverse Health paid for the cost of Suggestic many times over within just those first two months.

Case Study Details: Reverse Health

Reverse Health is led by a 3-person team of founders. The company was born when Matthew’s (head of nutrition) mum asked him for advice on how to lose weight. He realized that she needed a unique approach that would take into account female physiology such as hormonal changes when entering menopause.

After seeing many fad diets available with big promises and no results, Matt knew that he needed to change something – and create a program to help women feel their best at any age.

Reverse Health has a bold mission: to reverse the hands of time for its customers. Technical requirements: When Reverse Health met Suggestic, they knew that they had a program that could significantly help a large population of women.

They also had experience building and scaling a nutrition app and recognized the need to deploy a high-quality offering quickly so that they didn’t miss the market opportunity. These were their requirements:

  • A quiz for users to describe their current health, diet, weight, and lifestyle and define
    their desired outcomes
  • A personalized 12-week nutritional education and diet plan
  • Supplements that catered to women in the 40-year+ old demographic
  • The ability to add a future Coaching module to enable users to ask questions and receive direction from Reverse Health experts
  • A solution that could easily scale to thousands of users quickly
  • An eCommerce platform allowing Reverse Health to sell the program quickly and effectively with minimal overhead

Because these items required significant development, building an app like this would typically take a year or more, and that’s after hiring a team of developers in a difficult hiring market.

It was estimated that a team of 25 would be necessary to bring the app to market. The cost would be in the high 6-figures or even 7-figures to do so.


After spending a few weeks planning and customizing the pre-configured components of the app, Reverse Health was able to launch their app within 2 months after the first conversation with Suggestic. Reverse Health was able to launch their app with their existing team of 3 people instead of a team of 25, saving this cost and accelerating the launch by an estimate of one year.

In the customer’s own words: Michael described Suggestic’s value by saying: “Suggestic reduced our risk significantly. It got us 80% of where we wanted to go so we could focus on making it the rest of the way.”

Further elaborating, he added, “With Suggestic, we could really focus on designing our program and our content. We didn’t have to think about the technical part of it because Suggestic had thought it through many, many times before.”

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