July 4, 2022

Top 16 Personalized Supplement Brands

Eva Medved

Aggressive agriculture of the past century has made the soil devoid of the nutrients it once had. Eating the same foods our grandmas ate won’t nourish our bodies the same way, and that is why supplements have become an essential part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

It’s not a question of whether we should be taking supplements, but which ones. This can prove a confusing task for the consumer as we are all unique creatures. A one-fits-all multivitamin approach simply doesn’t cover our unique needs.

The companies described in this post are at the front end of innovation in personalizing supplement formulas, using different approaches to target individuals’ exact deficiencies. Personalized supplementation can lead to achieving health goals faster and more accurately.

Name Locations served Basis for personalization Supplement formula Subscription model?
Viome US
  • blood and stool at-home test (included in subscription)
Pills and powder ✔️
Rootine US
  • questionnaire
  • blood vitamin test
  • DNA nutrient test or
  • blood mineral test (can be each purchased separately)
Microbeads ✔️
HUM nutrition Worldwide
  • questionnaire
Powders, tablets and gummies ✔️
Nourished US, Canada, UK
  • questionnaire
3D-printed gummy stacks ✔️
Vitally New Zealand
  • questionnaire
Tablets and capsules ✔️
Care/of US, Canada
  • questionnaire
Tablets, capsules, and powders ✔️
VitaminLab US, Canada
  • raw DNA data (independently acquired & uploaded) or
  • questionnaire
Capsule or powder ✔️
Cuure EU, UK
  • questionnaire
Tablets and capsules ✔️
MyLabNutrition worldwide
  • AI consulting (through questionnaire)
Various products ✖️
Sundose UK, Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Poland
  • questionnaire
Tablets, capsules, powder ✔️
Everly Wellness UK
  • questionnaire
Tablets and capsules ✔️
MixFit worldwide
  • questionnaire
  • wearable tech and fitness apps
  • artificial intelligence learning from recurring data input (through proprietary app)
Drink ✖️
Persona worldwide
  • questionnaire
Tablets and capsules ✔️
LOEWI Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria
  • questionnaire
  • at-home blood test (not included in subscription)
Microbeads ✔️
Baze US
  • at-home blood test (not included in subscription)
  • Nutrient Intelligence System
Tablets and capsules ✔️
EloHealth US
  • at-home blood test (included in subscription)
  • wearable data
Tablets and capsules ✔️


Viome is the most deeply personalized option on this list as it bases the supplement recommendations on a direct-to-consumer healthcare test that analyzes microbial, mitochondrial, and human gene expressions (mRNA). The company’s philosophy is that by joining their program, you are joining a revolutionary movement that will make becoming ill a matter of choice, and not bad luck.

Basis for personalization: blood and stool testing (an at-home test, shipped every 6 months)

Locations served: US

Pricing: 199$/month (subscription that includes the exact dosage of precision supplements and 2 at-home tests per year)

Products included in subscription: vitamins and minerals, herbs, food extracts, prebiotics, and probiotics (8 pills and a powder pack daily)


Rootine focuses on optimizing cellular nutrition and human performance through personalized health solutions. The formula is hyper-personalized since it is delivered in microbead format, meaning the amount of each nutrient is precisely dosed.

Basis for personalization: questionnaire, blood vitamin test, DNA nutrient test, or blood mineral test

Locations served: US

Pricing: 69$/month for the multivitamin (requires 3-month commitment) and 99-119$ for each test

Products included in subscription: precision multivitamin (one pack of microbeads daily)

HUM Nutrition

HUM’s philosophy is that beauty starts from within. Based on a short quiz that asks about your usual eating style, typical mood, how you like to unwind, your health goals, and your waist size, they will recommend three products that may be a good fit for your goals and needs.

Basis for personalization: questionnaire

Locations served: worldwide (except Germany, China, Macau, and United Kingdom where HUM is available at local stores)

Pricing: $10–$60 per bottle, 25% off with a 3-month subscription plan, 15% off when buying 3 or more products

Products: powders, tablets, gummies and soft gels for stress, digestion, skin and hair, female health etc. (such as Rhodiola rosea, probiotics, cranberry, vitamin E, or digestive enzymes)


Nourished is an innovative company that uses patented 3D printing technology to create bespoke gummy vitamins on demand that are customized to customers’ nutrition needs.

Basis for personalization: questionnaire

Locations served: US & Canada (here) and UK (here)

Pricing: $69.99/month or $50/month for 3 months

Products included in subscription: 28 gummy stacks with 7 inclusions (such as COQ10, tart cherry, ginseng, probiotics etc.)


This company has developed a questionnaire that covers all areas of health from digestion and inflammation to mood and energy. By filling it out correctly, the customer can take the guesswork out of vitamins, as the information powers an algorithm that provides vitamins and supplements tailored to an individual’s health goals and needs. With 27 supplements available at the moment, they can fulfill over 100 thousand unique combinations.

Basis for personalization: questionnaire

Location served: New Zealand

Pricing: 7-38 NZD/month per supplement

Products included in subscription: a box of 30 daily vitamin packs (vitamins, minerals, herbs, probiotics, and other nutrients, such as glucosamine, collagen, COQ10 etc.)


Care/of seems to have introduced personalized supplements to the mainstream as their appealing design and influencer collaborations took over social media.

Even though the personalization here is done through a questionnaire, it is the most extensive one on this whole list with 73 different questions touching on all areas of health – from skin health to the frequency of bowel movements, family history of illness, lifestyle, and even values and beliefs.

Basis for personalization: questionnaire

Locations served: US & Canada

Pricing: 5-20$/month for one vitamin or mineral, 24-34$/collagen and protein powders

Products included in subscription: vitamins delivered in daily compostable packs, a custom powder combination (collagen, protein…), or quick sticks (targeted nutrients)


VitaminLab blends vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals and herbals into bespoke capsules or powders.

Basis for personalization: upload your DNA (raw data acquired through another source), questionnaire, or design your own formula

Locations served: US & Canada

Pricing: from 49$/month (cheaper with 3-month commitment)

Products included in subscription: an all-in-one personalized capsule or powdered supplement


Cuure is a European company that prides itself on being honest and health goal-driven. The user is encouraged to take a questionnaire, based on which they receive a personalized selection of nutrients. The user can keep track of their health journey and progress through Cuure’s proprietary app, which also allows communication with nutrition experts.

Cuure also offers a microbiome test as an additional basis for nutritional and supplement recommendations, however, it is only available for French users at the moment.

Basis for personalization: questionnaire

Locations served: European Union and United Kingdom

Pricing: 5-29€/month per supplement

Products included in subscription: a box of 30 pouches with a personalized selection of vitamins and minerals


MyLabNutrition is a service that creates customized sports supplement formulas. Through interactive consulting on the website, athletes are invited to create supplement formulas from scratch or get suggestions for existing supplement formulas that are for their health goals and needs.

The artificial intelligence considers biometric parameters, eating habits, training routines, nutritional and sport goals, and current lifestyle, and makes sure to “prescribe” each individual with the perfect amount of vitamins, minerals, and other active compounds. The company strictly follows European and Italian laws on health and sports supplements, and all the raw materials are of Italian origin and processed in Italy.

Basis for personalization: AI consulting (through questionnaire)

Locations served: worldwide

Pricing: 14-27€ per product


Sundose is the first second-generation supplement in Europe. The composition of each supplement sachet is tailored to the individual on the basis of a health questionnaire, consultation with a nutritionist and lab tests.
In addition to the initial personalization through the quiz, Sundose builds a long-term relationship with the customer and further personalizes the supplementation with the use of data and habit loops, managed by the customer’s smartphone.

Basis for personalization: questionnaire, health data, lab tests

Locations served: UK, Austria, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Poland

Pricing: 27-41 GBP/month for one-off purchase (15-30% discount for subscription)

Products included in subscription: a box of 30 all-in-one daily supplement sachets (each has a section of tablets and/or capsules, and a section of powder to be dissolved in water)

Everly Wellness

Everly Wellness is a British company that believes happy people are healthy people. They offer affordable personalized supplements based on evaluation of the individual’s lifestyle and eating habits. As part of their service, their team of expert nutritionists and coaches also give customers gentle nudges in the right direction whenever changes to their diet and lifestyle would help them achieve better health goals.

Basis for personalization: questionnaire

Locations served: UK

Pricing: 6-15 GBP/month per supplement

Products included in subscription: 28 packs of personalized supplements in recyclable pouches


MixFit offers a product called Mina which completely adapts to the individuals varying day-to-day needs – it takes information about the user, their daily food intake, and data from wearable devices, and creates a drink that combines the exactly right amount of 23 essential micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). The artificial intelligence that runs the functioning keeps learning with input.

Basis for personalization: questionnaire, wearable tech and fitness apps, artificial intelligence learning from recurring data input

Locations served: worldwide

Pricing: 199$/starter pack (1 machine + 1 cornerstone pack with micronutrients + 4 flavors) (currently reduced to 99$)

*MixFit was recently acquired by DSN who are focusing more on a B2B model for sportspeople, however, the consumer products are also still available.


Persona, previously called Vitamin Packs, and renamed after having been acquired by Nestlé in 2019, uses leading-edge technology and the best resources to deliver personalized supplements to customers. Besides convenient daily supplement packs, the company also offers personalized health recommendations for customers’ wellness journey.

Basis for personalization: questionnaire

Locations served: worldwide

Pricing: 4-30$/month per supplement

Products included in subscription: 28 packs of personalized supplements in recyclable pouches


Loewi’s unique angle is in that it doesn’t just personalize the nutrients to individual’s needs, but also determines the exact needed amounts. They take a granulate approach by mixing and matching over 120 different vitamins, trace elements, minerals, fatty acids, and plant extracts from their selection into a precisely personalized supplement blend.

Basis for personalization: at-home blood test, questionnaire

Locations served: Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria

Pricing: 99€ for the blood test (with subscription) and 75€/month for personalized nutrients (minimum subscription of 3 months)

Products included in subscription: a tub with three months’ worth of personalized nutrients in loose form


Baze takes a dynamic data-driven approach to personalizing supplements with recurring blood tests. Blood analysis tests for 11 micronutrients (choline, chromium, copper, magnesium, omega-3, selenium, vitamins B12, D, E, A, and zinc) that the US population in general is significantly deficient in and recommends a personalized combination of supplements.

The company uses a patented “Nutrient Intelligence System” to account for the fact that individual’s nutrient needs are not static. This system is a feedback loop of key health stats, personal goals and preferences, which they combine with quarterly blood nutrient data to bring the users into their optimal nutritional zones.

Basis for personalization: at-home blood test, Nutrient Intelligence System

Locations served: US

Pricing: 20-40$/month for supplements, 199$ for the blood test, 149$ for each additional blood test (recommended quarterly)

Products included in subscription: monthly box of supplements (in pouches)


EloHealth’s mission is to transform food from the cause of disease to medicine. At the moment, diet-related chronic conditions are the number one cause of death in the US. EloHealth uses biomarkers and AI technology to personalize supplements to the individual’s needs with utmost precision.

EloHealth is the youngest (founded in 2020), but one of the most comprehensive companies on this list. After the customer takes a dried blood spot test at home, the results are reviewed by a health coach who creates a unique, precisely dosed supplement formula for the individual. Progress can be tracked with wearables in conjunction with the Elo app. The company uses AI to turn this data into further personalization.

Basis for personalization: at-home biomarker blood test, wearable data

Locations served: US (except New York)

Pricing: 99$/month (early access offer)

Products included in subscription: monthly box of supplements (30 pouches), biomarker testing every 90 days, 1:1 health coaching every 90 days

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