January 19, 2023

Digital Health at CES 2023: Spotlight on AI, Personalization and Wearables

Eva Medved

The start of the year is marked by one of the most influential tech events in the world – CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show. The annual conference in Las Vegas has in recent years shifted from showcasing consumer products to displaying the latest and greatest innovation in all technology sectors, including digital health. At Suggestic, we are particularly interested in the latter as we explore our shared mission of digitally delivered health and wellness with other frontier-pushing businesses.

This post will look at 7 of the most interesting telewellness and digital health products presented at CES this year.

Selfie diagnostics (Anura app by NuraLogix)

Canadian NuraLogix is bringing a new meaning to selfies. Their app Anura uses AI to offer over 1 thousand diagnostics with a 30-second selfie. They include heart rate, heart rate variability, mental stress index, facial skin age, and many more. A standard deviation of error for these measurements is relatively low, especially given the entirely contactless nature of measurement, so this is a space to watch!

Wearable hydration monitor (Connected Hydration by Epicore Biosystems)

Continuous glucose monitors on the upper arms of both diabetics and health-conscious people have become a common sight, but Epicore Biosystems is bringing a new player to the table. Connected Hydration is a wearable tracker that constantly monitors sweat volume, electrolyte loss, body temperature, and movement. It provides heat injury alerts when a user exceeds a predetermined sweat loss threshold based on their physiology.
At the moment, this wearable is specifically targeting workers in harsh weather conditions, athletes training in high heat, and people living through extreme heat waves. With the importance of adequate hydration for all life functions, however, we can see this being applied in all different kinds of situations, especially with the average temperatures rising every year.

Suggestic’s platform offers integration with third-party wearables. The continuous flow of data helps further personalize meal plans and nutrition suggestions.

A smart ring – but medical grade (Evie by Movano Health)

A smart ring, again, is nothing new. Oura ring has been on the market for almost a decade now. But the company Movano Health with its newest release “Evie” is planning to disrupt healthcare by offering consumers accessible and actionable medical-grade data.

Evie is a unique health monitoring device tailored specifically to women. It tracks vital signs including resting heart rate, SpO2 levels, skin temperature variability, menstrual cycle, and ovulation days. This technology empowers women to take control of their health by providing insights into how their bodies are functioning and how they can make positive changes. It helps women draw connections between cause and effect, allowing them to understand the reasons behind how they feel and how to improve it.

A standing desk with an upgrade (eKinekt Bike Desk by Acer)

Acer announced the eKinekt BD 3 bike desk, a desk combined with a stationary bike to empower a healthier life-work balance. The eKinekt BD 3 uses kinetic energy from the rider’s pedaling to power the machine and charge devices as they exercise. With the LCD display and a companion smartphone app, riders can keep track of their progress during exercise regimes or work periods. The bike resistance, seat, and desk height can be adjusted seamlessly to provide users with added flexibility and comfort when working or training.

Continuous chest monitor (AeviceMD)

Another in the line of little sticky devices that can monitor body’s vital functions for both disease management and lifestyle improvement, AeviceMD actually won CES 2023 Best of Innovation award in the category of digital health.

This pebble-sized device is a smart wearable stethoscope. The lightweight sensor continuously and passively analyzes chest sounds, tracking vital signs such as respiratory rate, heart rate, and wheeze, and logging the data in a companion app. With its AI-powered capabilities, AeviceMD can detect and analyze abnormal lung sounds, identifying indications of diseases such as asthma and COPD, which allows for early health interventions. This innovative technology provides patients with personalized medical care from the comfort of their own homes.

Prescription digital therapeutic for PTSD and trauma (Nightware x Apple Watch)

As sleep tracking technology advances, companies are developing specific uses for it. Nightware, for example, developed an app that integrates with Apple Watch to help patients fight off nightmares caused by trauma and PTSD. It detects when a patient is having a nightmare and gently wakes them out of it.

FDA granted this application a “breakthrough” status, reserved for life-threatening or irreversibly debilitating conditions where there is an unmet medical need and preliminary clinical evidence demonstrates the treatment may result in substantial improvement. This paves the way for more digitally delivered therapeutics.

A health tracker with an endless battery (BHeart by Baracoda)

Most wearable health trackers today have one fault – they need to be taken off the body to be charged. All but one. At CES 2023, a healthtech company Baracoda revealed the first health-tracking watch powered solely by motion, body heat, and light from the environment. This watch promises to take away the hassles of not only charging but also manual updated and complicated data interpretation. As such, it could prove useful in many cases, including for patients who need full care, people living or traveling off-grid, and more.


CES 2023 introduced a long list of innovative health and wellness technology products, demonstrating the booming growth of the industry. At Suggestic, we are dedicated to revolutionizing digital health and wellness by making it accessible and convenient for everyone. With a mission to empower people to live healthier lives through technology, Suggestic is continuously working on integrating third-party products, from wearables to at-home labs, into our hyper-personalized nutrition software solutions.

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