February 15, 2023

14 Best Personalized Supplement Brands in 2023

Eva Medved

Supplements play a crucial role in a healthy lifestyle, especially when bridging the nutritional gaps caused by our modern diet. With so many options available in the market, finding the right ones for our individual needs can be challenging. The companies described below are revolutionizing this issue, from tailored nutrient recommendations to customized formulations.

Nurish by Nature Made

Nurish Supplements

Nurish is the subsidiary of Nature Made, an industry leader in the consumer supplement field for over 50 years. This service recommends a selection of vitamins and minerals based on a 5-minute online health quiz. The supplements come packaged in daily sachets, printed with your name and an inspirational quote.

How it’s personalized: online quiz

Pricing: $4-$16 per product

Products: herbs, vitamins and multivitamins, omegas, probiotics, other specialized supplements

Subscription: a 30-day supply of personalized supplements can be a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription

Locations served: US


Ritual Essential supplement

Ritual focuses on specific stages of life to offer the optimal mixture of supplements for the given situation. It promises to provide the perfect blend of vitamins for kids, teens, women and men between 18 to 49, women and men over 50; to supplement pre- and postnatal needs; to support gut health; and to add extra protein. The customer picks the combination that they perceive suits them best.

How it’s personalized: age, gender, and stage of life

Pricing: $33-$54 per product

Products: multivitamins, synbiotic (pre-, pro- and postbiotics in one), protein shakes

Subscription: instead of a subscription, a bundle deal of -$15 is offered when purchasing a duo of products for yourself or for you and a partner (for example, the combination of men 18+ and prenatal blend)

Locations served: US, UK, Canada


Roman Supplement daily

Roman is a digital men’s health clinic provided by the telehealth company ro. It caters to a variety of medical needs, from erectile dysfunction to hair loss and issues caused by low testosterone.

The company offers a line of supplements for prostate and heart health, testosterone support, stress relief, focus, and cellular health. In addition, they offer a men’s multivitamin, which can be purchased without seeing one of their healthcare professionals.

How it’s personalized: online meeting with a healthcare professional

Pricing: $35–$54 per product

Products: multivitamins, medications

Subscription: no, but discounts are available for 3-month supply

Locations served: US

Vous Vitamin

Vous Vitamin - Supplement

Based on a short online health questionnaire, Vous Vitamin personalizes a daily all-in-one multivitamin. Instead of taking a whole sachet of various capsules and pills every day, this two-capsule daily dose may be easier for some customers to keep up with.

In addition to the personalized multivitamin, they offer their trademarked situational supplements for special occasions, such as altitudinal sickness while climbing mountains, recovering from a hangover, or trying to blast the immune system when a cold starts creeping up.

How it’s personalized: online quiz

Pricing: $30 for a monthly supply of personalized multivitamin, $30–$45 per product

Products: personalized multivitamin, situational supplements

Subscription: choose between a 1-month non-recurring trial ($40), a 3-month subscription ($90/3mo), or a 6-month subscription ($150/6mo)

Locations served: US


Perelel Sup0lement boxes

Founded by an obstetrician-gynecologist and experts in women’s health, Perelel aims to provide full nutritional support before, during, and after a woman’s pregnancy. The supplements come packaged in a cardboard box with daily sachets of supplements, personalized to the specific stage, from conception support, all trimesters of pregnancy, and the postnatal stage. IN addition to probiotics, they also offer specialized packs for support during egg freezing for PCOS patients.

How it’s personalized: stage of pregnancy and conception

Pricing: $22.50–$58.50 per product

Products: vitamins, minerals, omegas

Subscription: no, but 5% is offered on 2-month supply, and 10% on 3-month supply

Locations served: US


Gainful Powder - Supplemet

Gainful is not a typical mineral and vitamin personalized supplement company, but instead provides powders specialized for the needs of athletes and people who train a lot. They include collagen, creatine, fiber, protein shakes, and more.

How it’s personalized: online quiz, nutrition review by a registered dietitian

Pricing: $17–$45 per product

Products: protein powders, hydration formulas, pre-workout blends, performance boosters

Subscription: yes

Locations served: US


ELO Supplement box and Health map

EloHealth’s mission is to transform food from the cause of disease to medicine. At the moment, diet-related chronic conditions are the number one cause of death in the US. EloHealth uses biomarkers and AI technology to personalize supplements to the individual’s needs with utmost precision.

EloHealth is one of the most comprehensive companies on this list. After the customer takes a dried blood spot test at home, the results are reviewed by a health coach who creates a unique, precisely dosed supplement formula for the individual. Progress can be tracked with wearables in conjunction with the Elo app. The company uses AI to turn this data into further personalization.

How it’s personalized: at-home blood test, wearable data

Pricing: $99 per month

Products: herbs, minerals, vitamins, protein powders

Subscription: yes, includes monthly box of supplements (30 sachets), biomarker testing every 90 days, 1:1 health coaching every 90 days

Locations served: US (except New York State)


Baze Supplement Box and App

Baze takes a dynamic data-driven approach to personalizing supplements with recurring blood tests. Blood analysis tests for 11 micronutrients (choline, chromium, copper, magnesium, omega-3, selenium, vitamins B12, D, E, A, and zinc) that the US population in general is significantly deficient in and recommends a personalized combination of supplements.

The company uses a patented “Nutrient Intelligence System” to account for the fact that an individual’s nutrient needs are not static. This system is a feedback loop of key health stats, personal goals, and preferences, which they combine with quarterly blood nutrient data to bring the users into their optimal nutritional zones.

How it’s personalized: at-home blood test, Nutrient Intelligence System

Products: vitamins, minerals, herbs

Pricing: $20-40$ per product, $199 for first blood test, $149 for each additional blood test (recommended quarterly)

Subscription: yes, includes a monthly box of supplements (30 sachets)

Locations served: US


Persona Supplement Box

Persona, previously called Vitamin Packs, and renamed after having been acquired by Nestlé in 2019, uses leading-edge technology and the best resources to deliver personalized supplements to customers. Besides convenient daily supplement packs, the company also offers personalized health recommendations for customers’ wellness journey.

How it’s personalized: online quiz

Products: vitamins, minerals, herbs

Pricing: $4-$30 per product

Subscription: yes, includes a monthly box of supplements (28 sachets)

Locations served: worldwide


VitaminLab Supplement Blends

VitaminLab blends vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals and herbals into bespoke capsules or powders.

How it’s personalized: raw DNA (acquired through another source), online quiz, or design your own

Products: personalized multivitamin

Pricing: from $49 a month

Subscription: yes, monthly or quarterly options with the latter being the least expensive

Locations served: US, Canada


C/O Supplement Box

Care/of has introducted personalized supplements to the mainstream as their appealing design and influencer collaborations took over social media. Their Instagram grew to over a quarter of million followers and the colourful supplement pouches were seen on profiles of hundreds of influential creators.

Even though the personalization here is done through a questionnaire, it is the most extensive one on this list with 73 different questions touching on all areas of health – from skin health to the frequency of bowel movements, family history, lifestyle, and values and beliefs.

How it’s personalized: online quiz

Pricing: $5-$20 per product, $24-$34 for collagen and protein powders

Products: vitamins, minerals, herbs, omegas

Subscription: yes, includes a monthly box of supplements (30 sachets), a custom powder combination (with collagen or protein), or quick sticks with targeted nutrients

Locations served: US, Canada


Nourished 3D printed Supplements

Nourished is an innovative company that uses patented 3D printing technology to create bespoke gummy vitamins on demand that are customized to customers’ nutrition needs.

How it’s personalized: online quiz

Pricing: from $50 a month

Product: gummies with customizable inclusions (such as COQ10, tart cherry, ginseng, probiotics etc.)

Locations served: US, Canada, UK

Subscription: yes, includes 28 gummy stacks with 7 inclusions, monthly and quarterly options with the latter being the least expensive


Rootine Supplement

Rootine focuses on optimizing cellular nutrition and human performance through personalized health solutions. The formula is hyper-personalized since it is delivered in microbead format, meaning the amount of each nutrient is precisely dosed.

How it’s personalized: questionnaire, blood vitamin test, DNA nutrient test, or blood mineral test

Pricing: $69 for personalized multivitamin (with 3 month commitment), $99-$119 for each test

Product: a personalized multivitamin in microbead form

Locations served: US

Subscription: yes, at least three months of precision multivitamin (30 packs of microbeads)


VIOME Supplement Box

Viome is the most deeply personalized option on this list as it bases the supplement recommendations on a direct-to-consumer healthcare test that analyzes microbial, mitochondrial, and human gene expressions (mRNA). The company’s philosophy is that by joining their program, you are joining a revolutionary movement that will make becoming ill a matter of choice, and not bad luck.

How it’s personalized: blood and stool testing (at-home test, shipped every 6 months)

Pricing: $199 a month

Products: vitamins and minerals, herbs, food extracts, prebiotics, and probiotics

Subscription: yes, includes the exact dosage of precision supplements (8 pills and a powder pack daily) each month, and 2 tests per year

Locations served: US


Supplements, personalized to individual nutritional needs, are one of the key elements of Suggestic’s mission to make people healthier by helping them eat according to their needs and preferences. Our software not only allows users to purchase supplements through the app, but also integrates with lab test result and wearable devices.  This means that if low levels of a particular nutrient, for example, vitamin D, are detected in the user’s blood, the software triggers a notification to your user to purchase a vitamin D supplement. Additionally, our coaching console provides nutrition professionals with a dashboard from which they can seamlessly support users. The possibilities for the most granular personalization are endless.

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